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Oreo Cheese Cake | Yummy And Easy Cake By Easy Food Decoration

Oreo Cheese Cake | Yummy And Easy Cake By Easy Food Decoration.This is yummy and easy to make cake which needs no backing.Try this recipe and invite your friend at your home to show your cooking skills.You can also check our Chocolate Balls recipe so that you can get more big list of cake ideas.So,Here is our great recipe

Ingredients For Making Oreo Cheese Cake

1.Oreo Cookies

2.Softened Butter

3.Whipped Cream

4.Cream Cheese


6.Gelatin Powder

Process For Making Oreo Cheese Cake

1.with hands,divide the Oreo biscuits  into two parts

Oreo Cheese Cake
2. With a knife,separate the cream from the cookie

Oreo Cheese Cake
3.Break the cookies with hands.place them in blender.if you do not have blender,put the cookies into another saucepan and beat them with a whisk.There is no importance which appliance you use.the most important is that cookies are well crushed

Oreo Cheese Cake
4.when cookies are as a grit,keep 1/3 part of them and put on a plate.this part will be used at the end,to put over the cake

Oreo Cheese Cake
5.Add a softened butter to the remaining 2/3 of the cookie,beat again and integrate both ingredients

Oreo Cheese Cake
6.Once done,put this mixture in a spring form pan pie and with a spoon,crush evenly throughout the mold surface.There should not be free hollows.Then,put the pan in the fridge,while making the next step

7.In the pan which creams are,add whipped cream and cream cheese and some sugar and neutral gelatin powder.

Oreo Cheese Cake
8.Heat over low heat while stirring constantly.

Oreo Cheese Cake


9.When melted,remove from heat and pour over the biscuit base.Then put back into the fridge and leave there overnight

Oreo Cheese Cake
9.At the next day,sprinkle the kept cookie over the cake and remove the mold from  cake

Oreo Cheese Cake

So,our yummy and healthy Oreo cheese cake is ready to b served.You can take this cake with tea or can use it as sweet dish after dinner

Easy to make Cheese cake by easyfooddecoration

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