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Yummy Homemade Gumdrops Recipe In Less Time

Yummy Homemade Gum Drops RecipeĀ Easy Food Decoration

Yummy Homemade Gum Drops Recipe In Less Time By Easy Food Decoration.Today we are here with most favorite recipe of kids for which kids can pay anything but from now they don’t need to pay anything because their mother can make this yummy recipe at home.Yeah you are right,today we are here with special homemade gum drops which are not only attractive but full of taste also.

These homemade gum drops will surprise your guests when you would tell them that you made these gum drops with your hands and not bought from market.You can also check some other yummy food recipes like Tasty Ice Cream Bread and Strawberry Chocolate Bar

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Directions For Making Yummy Homemade Gum Drops Recipe In Less Time


  • 30 grams of unflavored gelatin
  • Two cups of sugar
  • Three quarters of a cup of water
  • Color
  • Essence
  • Sugar For Coating

Step By Step Process Of Making Yummy Homemade Gum Drops Recipe In Less Time

1.Get a large bowl putting a half a cup of cold water then add 30 grams of unflavored gelatin or three envelopes


2.Now just set this aside to let it glow five for about 10 to 15 minutes


3.Get a saucepan put in three quarters of a cup of water and add two cups of sugar. Turn your heat to high and bring this to a boil. When it’s boiling turn it down to low and simmer for about five minutes until this is thickened a little bit


4.Now just carefully add this to the gelatin mixture and stirring and we just want this to mix together. Just keep doing this until the gelatin has dissolved


5.Now get some bowls it really depends on how many colors you want to make this. if you want to do five colors you need five bowls. We need to separate the mixture. We are just going to do three colors and three flavors .So, We only using three bowls.


6.Put four or five drops in each one then add half a teaspoon of whatever essence or extract you wish to add. For the Red we are using strawberry essence, for the green peppermint essence and for the blue the newer essence just to mess with people now. just mix each one in

Homemade-Gum-Drops-Recipe-67.Now for this use some sort of mold.We are using ice trays because they work really well for this just give it a quick little spray with some sort of cooking oil or something just so it doesn’t stick


8.Pour your mixtures in containers with a spout or you can just spoon it in whichever is easier and just put so much you want in each mold


9.Now pop these molds in the fridge for at least eight hours or overnight

10.now just get a bowl of sugar and a plate or something to put these on


11.Now take out gum drops to roll them straight in the sugar and just place on the plate.Once you’ve done that now just leave this on the counter for about 24 hours so it’s slightly crystallizes and then it’s ready.you can eat them now if you want but leaving it for 24 hours makes it even betterHomemade-Gum-Drops-Recipe-11

Our Yummy Home Made Gum Drops are ready to eat now.Just enjoy with your family.You can also check our video for more guidance


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