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Christmas Ornament Cookies | Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas Ornament Cookies | Christmas Food Ideas By Easy Food Decoration

Christmas Ornament Cookies | Christmas Food Ideas By Easy Food Decoration.As we know that Christmas season is on the way and every one wants some special recipes and food decoration ideas for Christmas that’s why Easy Food Decoration decided top present Christmas ornament cookies which are not only yummy in taste but super cool and cute in looks.As we know that we celebrate Christmas on 25 of December every year and we try to make this day very special for our family members and friends so we also suggest you to try our Santa Cupcake decoration ideas which are also very attractive and will make your guests surprised.Please tell us through comment section whether you liked our Christmas ornament cookies or not.Stay Update for more food decoration ideas and recipes

Step By Step Process To Make Christmas Ornament Cookies | Christmas Food Ideas By Easy Food Decoration

1.So let’s start off by melting some white chocolate

Christmas ornament cookies 1

2.Now we’re going to take our cookie dough. We are rolling it into balls

Christmas ornament cookies 2

3.Now we are spooning the white chocolate over the cookie dough set it on some grease proof paper.we’re going to repeat this for all about balls and then we’re going to put them in the fridge to cool

Christmas ornament cookies 3

4.Once they’ve hardened take a knife to get rid of any excess chocolate around the bottom

Christmas ornament cookies 4

5.Now have some red candy melts. Melt them in the microwave and let’s cover one of the cake pops in red

Christmas ornament cookie 5

6.We are dipping it in sprinkles to give it something extra. Make sure it’s covered all over

Christmas ornament cookies 6

7.Now let’s take another one of our cake pops and cover it with some more red candy melts. We are going to add some snowflake decorations to this one super cute

Christmas ornament cookies 7

  1. Now let’s melt some green candy melts. We are now going to cover ball in green

Christmas ornament cookies 8

9.We have got amazing silver and gold sprinkles so we are going to put them on top

Christmas ornament cookies 9

10.Let’s make another green ball this time. We are going to add some snowflakes to this one as well it matches the red one perfectly

Christmas ornament cookies 10

11.Finally let’s take some white candy melts and melt them to cover a ball in white. We have some super cute snowball decorations that are going on this ball

Christmas ornament cookies 11

12.Let’s finish off with one more white cookie dough ball .We are covering this ball with some tiny silver balls

Christmas ornament cookies 12

13.So now we are taking some strawberry laces and We are cutting them into links approximately two inches’ long

Christmas ornament cookies 13

14.So.now we are tapering off the end using a knife

Christmas ornament cookies 14

15.Now have some Reese’s chocolate pieces and we are using a cocktail stick to make two holes in the top. This is going to be the top of our ornament

Christmas ornament cookies 15

16.Use a cocktail stick to push the strawberry pieces into the hole

Christmas ornament cookies 16

17.We are using some white icing to glue them on top about already decorated balls.

Christmas ornament cookies 17

Our  super cute Christmas Ornaments cookies  are ready to decorate your pretty dinner table and eat when you want.If you got any confusion,you can watch the below video to understand full recipe

Christmas Ornaments Cookies by easyfooddecoration

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